About Kaia Natural Watercolor

Kaia Natural Watercolor is completely natural, non-toxic, vegan and made with love.  

The natural pigments I use in Kaia Natural Watercolor are made of earth pigments (crushed rock) or white sediment clay that is colored with botanical colorants. The latter are called Mayan pigments and the method to produce them was invented by the Mayan people around 500 BC. The synthetic pigments that paint is normally made of are usually derived from petroleum, a very polluting product. They are essentially tiny plastic balls that aren’t biodegradable and that end up in the water system when you flush your paint water through the sink.

Professional artist quality

The pigments I use in Kaia Natural Watercolor have the highest possible ranking of lightfastness, which means they don’t fade over time under the influence of light and/or oxygen. Also the paint contains the highest possible ratio of pigment to binder possible. There are no fillers being used. Because of these qualities Kaia Natural Watercolor is of professional artist quality. The paint is also very suitable for beginners and children though!

More paint

Kaia Natural Watercolor is plastic free! The paint comes stainless steel pan than holds twice the amount of paint the conventional plastic half pan does. The width of the pan also makes it much easier to use with a larger brush.

Commercial paints often contain fillers like plasticizers that take away from the vibrancy of the colors and make them dry duller. The preservatives that are normally used are toxic. Instead I use thyme oil that has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

In this webshop you can purchase a watercolor paint set with 10 colors, or individual half pans in every color.

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