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March 5 2020

Since I find it very inspiring to see other artists at work and to understand how their style has developed, I have collected some of my favorite videos about watercolorists from very different artists whose work I admire. I've listed portraits of artists as well as instructional videos and timelapse videos. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have!

Karl Martens is a Swedish watercolorist who paints birds. He has studied so many birds in his youth that he can just paint them by heart! His working method is influenced by Eastern philosophy.   VIDEO

Watching timelapse videos has helped me a lot to better understand the watercolor process. The German illustrator Iraville makes wonderful timelapse videos of her playful paintings with calm music. VIDEO

David Goodsell is a scientific illustrator and 'molecular artist'. His paintings of cells and viruses are of great beauty. His work is intended to give people more insight into what happens in the body at the cellular level. I would definately hang them on my wall though! VIDEO

Agnes Cecile paints people in a beautiful dreamy and flowing style that expresses a lot of emotion. I love watching her timelapse videos. VIDEO

Graham Dean paints people in a beautiful way, making extensive use of the specific properties of watercolor paint, such as granulation and transparency. He is not concerned with depicting people in a recognizable way. He is more interested in portraying the deeper psychological layers of people. VIDEO

I am a fan of the channel of the British Anna Mason. If you are interested in painting of plants, flowers and animals in a realistic way, you will love her instructional video's. She also did an interesting video about overcoming 'painters block'. VIDEO

Ohio based artist Gary Bukovnik paints beautiful colorful flowers. His contemporary style shows that painting flowers definitely does not have to be old-fashioned. What I like about his story is that he was naturally inclined to paint flowers, but at one point he switched to painting landscapes, until a gallery owner said to him: "Gary, I think you are meant to paint flowers. " VIDEO

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